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Do you want to run faster for longer?

“Make your metabolism more efficient”

As seen on Channel 7 News, VO2 max testing can show you how to maximise your fat burning, improve your endurance and efficiency!

VO2max/Metabolism testing is a scientific test that will give you answers to the most effective training for your metabolism to reach your goals. Suited to all ages and fitness levels.

“I found the VO2 max testing at PhysioLogic an invaluable tool for a middle aged long distance runner like myself. The test results enabled me to structure a training plan knowing which target training zones (heart rates) I needed to be achieving for me to head towards my fitness & running goals”

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Tests include:

Resting Metabolic Rate tests

VO2max tests

VO2submax tests


Results include:

Rates of fat & carbohydrate burning at rest and during exercise.

Interval Training and Optimal Fat Burning (LIPOXmax) training program.