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Have you made the right choices to improve your health?

“Your body’s metabolism is unique. Measuring your metabolism will show you a healthy path to achieve your goals “

At Jupiter Health we use state-of-the-art equipment that measures how your body burns fat and carbohydrates through various heart rate ranges. Information which is vital for those seeking a safe and effective solution to weight loss and fitness that is fully backed up by scientific facts. Metabolism testing is suited to all ages and fitness levels, and provides a solution to a healthy path with long term results.

We offer a 12-week program comprised of initial testing, followed by customised weekly emails with targeted information, specific exercise routines plus educational information that will encourage and support you in reaching your goals.

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Tests include:

Resting Metabolic Rate tests VO2max tests VO2submax tests


Results include:

Rates of fat and carbohydrate burning at rest and during exercise. Interval Training and Optimal Fat Burning (LIPOXmax) training program.